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About the Company

General information

Zawiercie Crystal Glass Factory Ltd. (Huta Szkła Zawiercie Sp. z o.o.) is one of the best renowned and appreciated crystal glass manufacturers in Poland.

The rich and multi-year tradition as well as the unique hand made manufacturing process distinguishes the Company products and makes them easily recognisable, thanks to original patterns impossible to be obtained in mass production. Our trademark, in the form of the characteristic cuts executed by our specialists is currently combined with lighter designer forms and delicate ornaments. Thanks to this, our products are valued by both: culture lovers and those of refined taste. The unrepeatable aesthetic values, which are paralleled with the exquisite craftsmanship and highest quality ensures that the product, meets our clients' highest demands and offers true satisfaction from the possession of a bit of a day-to-day luxury. Our qualified personnel makes sure that the attributes of our production are properly maintained, along with the highly qualified foundry workers and pattern design specialists driven with their love to the classical form and their innovative approach towards it.

The crystals of Zawiercie enjoy a great trademark upon the domestic and European market and thanks to numerous trade partners it is also present upon the worldwide market, starting from Asia throughout the both of Americas as well as Africa and Australia.

Currently Zawiercie Crystal Glass Factory Ltd. is under the process of modernisation and thanks to the engagement of the new owners in the restructuring process, within the 21st century the factory shall function as the entity, which values experience stemming from the tradition, combining the manual manufacturing and decoration methods with the latest technological achievements from the fields of production quality mastering, increase of work effectiveness and adjusting to the most important requirements in the field of natural environment protection.


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