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About the Company

The History

Glass products had been manufactured in the lands of Zawiercie much earlier, before in 1884 the company of "S. Reich and Company" took over the existing factory thus creating a modern industrial plant. The products were already known and appreciated at the verge of the 19th and the 20th century within the Kingdom of Poland as well as outside its borders, especially in the Tsar Russia and the Habsburg Monarchy. At that time the glass-works offered glass for lightning purposes, coloured as well as painted economical glass products and crystal glass. Issued in 1925 the third in a row glass product catalogue presented almost 499 specimens of lightning glass manufactured within various forms and rich with decorations.

During the 1929 Public Trade Fair Exhibition, Zawiercie glass and crystals was awarded as many as two important distinctions. It was the Great Gold Medal as well as the Honour Diploma awarded for the new types of lightning glass for gas and electricity powered lamps stylishly decorated with animal and plant motifs. The manufactured glass was transparent or of one of the following colours: yellow, emerald, brown or violet. It was decorated through the process of grinding of various patterns, hand painted, shaded with the application of paraffin or with the application of glass grinding equipment; it was also processed in hydrofluoric acid, with the patterns pantograph-transferred onto it.

In 1986 the factory stopped manufacturing sodium glass at the same time, it begun manufacturing automatically formed and hand crafted crystal vodka and wine glasses. These products constitute the real pride of the company. The product line entitled “Monica”, which was prepared and developed by the company specialists in the persons of Mr. Józef Podlasek and Ms. Maria Kapa, has become a real best-seller still manufactured by the factory today. Initially the line consisted of 8 types of glasses, namely: sherry, liqueur, white and red wine, champagne, two cognac glasses of various capacity as well as three different whisky, cocktail and juice glasses. Within the last few years the collection was broadened by vodka, champagne, beer and other, new types of glasses.

In the attempt to meet our client demands and expectations the factory has developed and introduced further glass line collections into production, entitled: "Windsor", "Wilanów" and the latest "Oxford". While manufacturing glasses with use of automated production lines, the company also continues the beautiful and far reaching tradition of manufacturing of hand formed (blown) products. All of the crystal products which are manually formed with the use of wooden forms, astonish with their beauty, unrepeatable shape and the precision of the work. Our own pattern design workshop allows us to design crystal products of various forms, sizes and cuts.

The Company offer is supplemented with pressed crystals,production of which will be subject to a considerable extension in the near future. The range of products manufactured by Zawiercie Crystal Glass Factory, may be used to form any desired set, that will decorate any table, at the same time providing practical values.

The Products of "Zawiercie" are presented upon all of the continents of the World, starting with Europe, through Asia, both Americas, Africa and finally Australia. In 1998 the factory was transformed into a Shareholder Entity, which continued the wonderful tradition of the glass and crystals manufacturing in the city of Zawiercie. After the period of insolvency, in 2009 the factory was bought by the new investors. The planned new investments shall introduce new technologies and will allow for further company development as well as for the increase of its competitiveness,allowing for its introduction into the 21st century with the modern production process based upon the experience and tradition.

We invite you to trade with us, with the hope that all of our Products meet your expectations.



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