Crystal glasses - Zawiercie Crystal Glass Factory Ltd.

About the Company

The Calendar

2009 - new investors take over and modernise the Company,
1998 - the change of the legal form of operation – turning the factory into the Shareholder Company (SA),
1990 - broadening of the variety of the offered patterns with the "Windsor", "Wilanów" and "Oxford" product lines as well as the launch of the pressed crystals manufacturing,
1987 - the introduction of the cult "Monica" glass collection, which has become a hit and is still being sold today,
1986 - the turning point in the history of the factory – resigning from the manufacturing of sodium glass towards crystal glass, the launching of automated manufacturing lines,
1929 - The Prestigious Public Trade Fair Exhibition awards in Poznań, Zawiercie glass and crystals obtained as many as two important distinctions: the Great Gold Medal as well as the Honour Diploma awarded for the new types of stylish lightning glass,,
1925 - date of the publication of the third in the row but the first of such volume, product catalogue, which presented 499 specimens of decorated and lightning glass,
1884 - the erection of the modern glass manufacturing factory by S. Reich and his Company of Glass Mills, which replaced the so far, private production,
18th/19th century - the establishment, of the tradition of glass manufacturing in the land of Zawiercie, based upon small factories and individual workshops.


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