Zawiercie Crystal Glass Factory Ltd.

Trade offer

The trade offer of Zawiercie Crystal Glass Factory Ltd. includes the broad assortment of crystal glass products. Our catalogue offers a variety of forms starting from the classical shapes up to modern patterns. Our cuts shall meet the most refined tastes. We offer both traditional, rich decorations, which constitute our pride and trademark as well as delicate light, decorations for those who value minimalism as well as simplicity.

Our offer also includes glass lines enriched with wine, water and whisky sets, hand crafted vases, fruit bowls and plates or even candle stands or lamps. This will allow you to complete any desired bar or table set within a single decoration line, which will in the best possible manner meet your tastes.

The most demanding Clients are offered individual orders. We also offer a broad variety of corporate gadgets, which may constitute the great company advertisement or a unique gift for your trade partners.


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