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About glass

No one knows where and when was glass invented, though there are suppositions that it had been manufactured as long as 5000 years ago. The first resources used in the process of glass manufacturing were the heated sand and ash. The obtained material was mat and lacked transparency.

Initially only flat and full objects were created, the first jugs and bottles were manufactured by the Egyptians. Glass was hand manufactured, offering it the desired shapes thanks to the process of blowing as well as manual forming methods.

Despite the development of civilisation, within the aspect of crystal glass, not much has changed since the times of the ancient Egypt. Hand manufactured, unique shapes, impossible to be manufactured within mass production still are the most desired products. The chemical content has been improved offering crystals the unprecedented transparency as well as the characteristic for beautiful mirroring and reflecting of light through hand crafted and decorated surfaces. Noble, classical forms have been created as well as unique cut patterns. The method of work still remains the same and the beauty of glass objects constitutes the result of the work of human hands and the strength of human lungs. This makes the products especially valuable, not only due to their excellent looks and unique shape but also thanks to the small portion of himself that the mill specialists transports into the single object, which leaves his skilful hands.

This section is dedicated to those who would like to learn more about glass, its types, the history of glass, the manufacturing process, glass industry in Europe as well as the influence of glass upon the natural environment. It contains general information on the utility and decorative glass as well as on crystal glass which connects both of the aforementioned functions. The information is grouped due to the given topic they refer to, within the particular subsections. We hope you enjoy the read.


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