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Crystal glass

Apart from the enumerated in the section entitled “glass types” kinds of of this versatile material , there is one more, very often applied in the everyday life -lead glass also referred to as crystal glass. In the manufacturing process, glass mass is enriched with the additive of lead dioxide. The obligatory norms consider the lead glass to be such, if containing over 18% of lead. Its maximum content may reach as much as 80%.

Crystal glass is used in the process of manufacturing of decorative objects, the so-called crystals as well as lenses, since it possesses certain characteristics: high light bend/reflection coefficient as well as very high density.

Thanks to the lead content, crystal glass is softer and less resistant to the influence of acids, therefore is well suited for cutting and etching in acidic environment. The lead additive also decreases viscosity of the glass-mass and enables its melting as well as formation.

By standard, crystal glass products contain 24% of PbO and are most frequently manually manufactured. First, it is blown with the application of the strength of the glass-blower's lungs, next it is formed and it receives the desired shape thanks to the skilful hand movements. Cuts which decorate crystal glass are also the effect of human not machine work. Decorators create original cuts with the application of diamond discs. Crystal products may also be decorated with the application of gildings or sanding.

Crystal glass is also characterised by very high quality, unique aesthetic values, and at the same time it is well suited for everyday use thanks to its durability and resistance to detergents or subject to washing in dishwashers.


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