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About glass

European glass industry

In accordance with the data published by the Permanent Committee of the European Glass Industry, today in Europe there are about 1000 companies operating in this industry. They employ more than 215000 employees. Considering the size, the glass manufacturing companies present a full cross-section, ranging from small workshops up to the international companies, that are present in a few countries.

The European glass industry is considerably diversified and it encompasses a number of types of products manufactured using various technologies. Container, flat, flux glass fibre as well as special glass in the form of glass for monitor and TV screens, light bulb glass, laboratory and technical glass, optic glass, boron-silicate glass as well as the everyday utility glass in the form of: ceramic glass, sodium glass and crystal glass is manufactured in Europe.

In 2008 the whole glass manufacturing within the 27 European Union member states was estimated at the amount of 36,4 million ton, thus making Europe the largest glass manufacturer, with the total manufacturing value at the level of 37 billion Euro.


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